GIPB | What Flooring for Your Rental Property?


GIPB | What Flooring for Your Rental Property?

Are you worried about choosing the right flooring? Don't worry, we have created a list of key questions to consider when purchasing the ideal flooring.

  • Is it compatible with underfloor heating or suitable for damp areas?
  • Does the flooring require intensive maintenance to stay in good condition?
  • Does it provide good acoustic insulation to reduce contact noises such as heels, footsteps, and moving chairs?
  • Is the flooring design timeless and adaptable to different decoration styles?
  • Are the initial and installation costs reasonable compared to long-term maintenance expenses?
  • Is the flooring durable enough for daily use, including heavy furniture and pets?
  • For renovation work, can it be easily laid over existing flooring, or does it require demolition?
  • Does it enhance the room's dimensions, making it look larger or smaller?
  • Will it be easy to replace or repair in the future?
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